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Special thanks needs to be given to the work of Art Jahns who in 2006 compiled biographies of both Mary and Edward Walker using local history resources.  

Additionally, without the assistance of Mary Jane Dettinger this project would not exist as she generously opened The Willistead Manor Archive and offered invaluable oral histories on both Willistead Manor and Mary Walker.

Appreciation must also be given to the Executive Board of Willistead Manor Inc. and the Friends of Willistead who have contributed over the years to The Willistead Manor Archive. Information about these groups can be found at the following links:

City of Windsor 

Friends of Willistead 

 ~ Kayla Dettinger, B.A. 

The nature of this website has allowed for almost all of the sources used in creating the exhibits and detailing her biography to be included for individual examination. Information not directly relating to the articles included in the exhibits derives from Art Jahns’ research notes. However, sources used that are not included in their entirety in this archive are the following:

“Transcribed Massachusetts Death Record.” Death Certificate of Mary Emma Walker, State of Massachusetts, 1937.

Walker, Edward. “Last Will and Testament of Edward Chandler Walker." Will, The Willistead Manor Archive, 1914.

Walker, Mary. “Last Will and Testament of Mary Emma Griffin Walker.” Will, Theodore Cogswell, Register of Wills, D.C., 1935.

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