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Fashion Show.pdf
An article mentioning Mrs. Edward C. Walker was a patroness of the Spring Fashion Show for the benefit of the National Library for the Blind in Washington.

President's Wife - washington post, nov 8, 1934.jpg
An article mentioning that Mrs. Edward C. Walker would be entertaining guests at her opera box. The fact that she is mentioned alongside Mrs. Roosevelt in a rather short article says much for her social position in Washington society.

first Lady Heads List of Boxholders for Music Event - Washington Post - March 27, 1936.jpg
An article from the Society section of the Washington Post mentioning that Mrs. Edward C. Walker has taken a box for the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra concert alongside Mrs. Roosevelt.

An undated photo of Mary Walker's Washington apartment several decades after her death. It was located at 1314 Sixteenth Street with 4 storeys and 33 rooms. Unfortunately, this photo shows the home in a rather dilapidated state.

Mary Walker Social - Washington Post December 10, 1927.jpg
This article mentions that Mary Walker entertained her sister and her husband, Maj. Gen. and Mrs. Andre Brewster, along with her niece and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Donald Cassels, and their daughter, Miss Andree Cassels, at the opera in Washington.…

Mary Walker coming to Washington after New Brunswick - Washington Post August 30, 1919.jpg
A small Society article stating that Mary Walker spent the summer in New Brunswick with her sister, Mrs. Andre Brewster (Elizabeth), and will be going to New York and finally Washington to open her apartment for the winter.
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