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William Robins Home.jpg
The home of William Robins, former friend of Mary Walker, in Walkerville, Ontario.

Victoria Fountain.jpg
An image depicting the Queen Victoria Jubilee Fountain in its original location on Devonshire Road. The fountain's cornerstone was laid by Mary Walker in 1897. The fountain was moved 1958 to Willistead Manor and can be currently seen in its…

In 1897, Hiram Walker & Sons Ltd. dedicated a fountain, now located at Willistead Manor, to Queen Victoria in honour of her Jubilee. Mary Walker represented the family by officiating the ceremony and laying the cornerstone. It is believed that the…

This is a closeup image of a larger photo of the office staff of Hiram Walker & Sons taken around 1911. The three men in the center are James Harrington Walker, Edward Chandler Walker, and William Robins. William Robins would later contest the second…

Her full signature as it appeared on the last page of her Will written in 1935.

Mary Walker Letters 4 (1).pdf
A letter from Mary Walker to Mrs. Fox that firmly states that no one sent by Mary's nephews may enter Willistead. Again, there is the question of what exactly has transpired and how that could put her in trouble.

Willistead Transfer - Mary's lump sum payment Border Cities Star August 3, 1921 pg 3.jpg
This article describes in detail the transfer of ownership of Willistead Manor from the Walker Estate to the town of Walkerville to be used for public use. Once Mary decided she no longer wanted to live at Willistead, she forwent any future claim to…

Robins Ontario Case - The Leamington Post May 29, 1924.jpg
This is another article mentioning the Robins vs. National Trust Company Appeal Case that contested the validity of Edward Walker's Will in his first appeal. Robins built his case on several letters exchanged between Mary and Walker and himself that…

Robins Appeal Case - Essex Free Press Novemeber 21, 1924.jpg
This article mentions the Robins vs. National Trust Company case which contested the validity of Edward Walker's final Will. William Robins had been a former employee of the Hiram Walker & Sons Ltd. Distillery who had been written out of Edward's…

King Edward's School foundation - The Windsor Evening Record May 27, 1905.jpg
The Windsor Evening Record's "Official record of corner stone laying" that describes in depth the involvement of Mary and most of the men of the Walker family in the opening ceremony for King Edward School. Including a small speech by Mary, the…
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