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Found in a time capsule buried at King Edward School, this is believed to be only surviving confirmed photo of Mary Walker. Originally printed in the Detroit News Tribune, this photo accompanied an article discussing how Mrs. E. Chandler Walker would…

Victoria Fountain.jpg
An image depicting the Queen Victoria Jubilee Fountain in its original location on Devonshire Road. The fountain's cornerstone was laid by Mary Walker in 1897. The fountain was moved 1958 to Willistead Manor and can be currently seen in its…

In 1897, Hiram Walker & Sons Ltd. dedicated a fountain, now located at Willistead Manor, to Queen Victoria in honour of her Jubilee. Mary Walker represented the family by officiating the ceremony and laying the cornerstone. It is believed that the…

Willistead Transfer - Mary's lump sum payment Border Cities Star August 3, 1921 pg 3.jpg
This article describes in detail the transfer of ownership of Willistead Manor from the Walker Estate to the town of Walkerville to be used for public use. Once Mary decided she no longer wanted to live at Willistead, she forwent any future claim to…

Country Club.jpg
An image depicting one of the buildings of the Walkerville Country Club in 1910. Mary Walker was the president of the Women's Auxiliary for the Club in 1904.
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