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The Cottage image.jpg
First residence of Edward and Mary Walker after their marriage in 1896

A picture displaying the homes of James Harrington Walker, Edward Chandler Walker (Willistead Manor), Hiram Walker, and Harry Dingwall all in Walkerville, Ontario

St. Anne's Church.jpg
A picture displaying the Lincoln Road Methodist, Lady of the Lake St. Clair, St. Anne, and Presbyterian Churches

St. Mary Church.jpg
A photograph showing the early construction of the second St. Mary's Anglican Church commissioned by Edward Walker. Completed in 1903, the Church stands across from Willistead Manor. It is possible the woman depicted in the image could have been…

Mary's tombstone - Friends of Willistead 2006.jpg
Mary Walker's grave marker erected by executive board members of Willistead Manor Inc. and the Friends of Willistead in 2006.

Country Club.jpg
An image depicting one of the buildings of the Walkerville Country Club in 1910. Mary Walker was the president of the Women's Auxiliary for the Club in 1904.

Anne Griffin - The Windsor Evening Record December 14, 1904 - only because of Mary is she mentioned.jpg
An obituary for Mary Walker's mother, Mrs. Anne Griffin, who died in Detroit in 1904. Anne Griffin, like her husband, was a Catholic immigrant from Ireland. It is interesting to consider that her death was mentioned in a Windsor newspaper as she…

at homes - The Windsor Evening Record December 2, 1911.jpg
This article describes how Edward and Mary Walker hosted an "At Home" party at Willistead Manor in 1911. This article mentions that the honoured guests at this party were "their Canadian friends." An interesting aspect to this article is the fact…

King Edward's School foundation - The Windsor Evening Record May 23, 1905.jpg
An article describing how Mary Walker laid the corner stone at King Edward School in Walkerville in order to commemorate Empire Day. Mary is described as always having taken an interest in the welfare of the Walkerville community and as a result, was…

King Edward's School foundation - The Windsor Evening Record May 27, 1905.jpg
The Windsor Evening Record's "Official record of corner stone laying" that describes in depth the involvement of Mary and most of the men of the Walker family in the opening ceremony for King Edward School. Including a small speech by Mary, the…
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