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Robins Appeal Case - Essex Free Press Novemeber 21, 1924.jpg
This article mentions the Robins vs. National Trust Company case which contested the validity of Edward Walker's final Will. William Robins had been a former employee of the Hiram Walker & Sons Ltd. Distillery who had been written out of Edward's…

Ball of Nations.pdf
This article mentions that Mrs. Edward C. Walker was one of the "prominent women in official and residential circles of the Capital" that gave her support to the Ball of Nations to support the American University Scholarship Fund.

St Anne's Bell - Border Cities Star September 24, 1921 pg 6.jpg
An article mentioning the history of St. Anne's Catholic Church in Walkerville and the fact that Mrs. E.C. Walker donated the organ. By this point, Mary had been living permanently in Washington, so the fact that her contributions are still…

Benefit for Russian Refugees - Washington Post, Feb, 19, 1924.jpg
An article mentioning that Mrs. Edward C. Walker was a member of the committee that arranged a benefit held in Washington to support Russian refugees.

Capital Society Events - Washington Post, Dec 5, 1925.jpg
A small society article stating that Mrs. Edward C. Walker has rented a house for the winter with her sister, Mrs. Andre Brewster.

Society - Washington Post, Nov 26,1921.jpg
An article mentioning that Mrs. Edward C. Walker, along with her sister, Mrs. Andre Brewster, took boxes at the Belleau Wood Memorial Concert.

An article mentioning the donations made to the Red Cross to help provide gifts to the Allied and American soldiers during WWI. Mrs. Edward C. Walker is listed as having donated $500, the most out all those mentioned. Her donation has a dollar value…

King Edward's School foundation - The Windsor Evening Record May 23, 1905.jpg
An article describing how Mary Walker laid the corner stone at King Edward School in Walkerville in order to commemorate Empire Day. Mary is described as always having taken an interest in the welfare of the Walkerville community and as a result, was…

Fashion Show.pdf
An article mentioning Mrs. Edward C. Walker was a patroness of the Spring Fashion Show for the benefit of the National Library for the Blind in Washington.

first Lady Heads List of Boxholders for Music Event - Washington Post - March 27, 1936.jpg
An article from the Society section of the Washington Post mentioning that Mrs. Edward C. Walker has taken a box for the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra concert alongside Mrs. Roosevelt.
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