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Gari Melchers.pdf
An article mentioning that Mrs. Edward C. Walker loaned several works of Gari Melchers' to the Corcoran Art Gallery to be put on display.

Ball of Nations.pdf
This article mentions that Mrs. Edward C. Walker was one of the "prominent women in official and residential circles of the Capital" that gave her support to the Ball of Nations to support the American University Scholarship Fund.

Fashion Show.pdf
An article mentioning Mrs. Edward C. Walker was a patroness of the Spring Fashion Show for the benefit of the National Library for the Blind in Washington.

President's Wife - washington post, nov 8, 1934.jpg
An article mentioning that Mrs. Edward C. Walker would be entertaining guests at her opera box. The fact that she is mentioned alongside Mrs. Roosevelt in a rather short article says much for her social position in Washington society.

first Lady Heads List of Boxholders for Music Event - Washington Post - March 27, 1936.jpg
An article from the Society section of the Washington Post mentioning that Mrs. Edward C. Walker has taken a box for the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra concert alongside Mrs. Roosevelt.

Found in a time capsule buried at King Edward School, this is believed to be only surviving confirmed photo of Mary Walker. Originally printed in the Detroit News Tribune, this photo accompanied an article discussing how Mrs. E. Chandler Walker would…

William Robins Home.jpg
The home of William Robins, former friend of Mary Walker, in Walkerville, Ontario.

Victoria Fountain.jpg
An image depicting the Queen Victoria Jubilee Fountain in its original location on Devonshire Road. The fountain's cornerstone was laid by Mary Walker in 1897. The fountain was moved 1958 to Willistead Manor and can be currently seen in its…

In 1897, Hiram Walker & Sons Ltd. dedicated a fountain, now located at Willistead Manor, to Queen Victoria in honour of her Jubilee. Mary Walker represented the family by officiating the ceremony and laying the cornerstone. It is believed that the…

An undated photo of Mary Walker's Washington apartment several decades after her death. It was located at 1314 Sixteenth Street with 4 storeys and 33 rooms. Unfortunately, this photo shows the home in a rather dilapidated state.
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