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Mary Walker Letters 5 (1).pdf
A letter sent to Mrs. Fox from Mary Walker thanking her and her husband for their time working at Willistead. While it is undated, it is printed on stationary from the Hotel Statler in Detroit. The writing of his letter could possibly correspond to…

Mary Walker Letters 4 (1).pdf
A letter from Mary Walker to Mrs. Fox that firmly states that no one sent by Mary's nephews may enter Willistead. Again, there is the question of what exactly has transpired and how that could put her in trouble.

Mary Walker Letters 2 (1) real.pdf
A letter to Mrs. Fox from Mary Walker referring to some final shipping and storage information of items from Willistead Manor. This letter also refers to how certain items now belong to the City, which implies that this letter was written after…

Mary Walker Letters 1 (1).pdf
A letter sent by Mary Walker to Mrs. Fox on July 26, 1921. The longest of the collection, this letter details Mary Walker's desire to have Mrs. Fox arrange for certain items left behind at Willistead Manor to be moved or sent to her.
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